320 Amp SPX-i High Output Alternator

Our SPX-i series high-output alternators are the ultimate upgrade when you need the absolute biggest and most sophisticated high output alternator on the planet. All of our SPX-i series alternators are designed for one purpose, brute force idle output. When you need the most extreme idle output with the most sophisticated integrated alternator-monitoring system to prevent thermal failures is where the SPX-i alternator delivers. Every DC Power product we sell is held to the strictest quality standards in the industry. We only use 100% brand new USA made components along with one of the most rigorous testing before each individual alternator leaves our shop. Each SPX-i series alternator comes standard with our custom hard-anodized billet aluminum pulley and 2-year replacement warranty. If you're looking for a significant overall increase in top end and idle output, the SPX-i series alternator is your solution.

Alternator Specifications

  • OEM Fitment
  • 14.4
  • 240
  • 220
  • 320
  • 290
  • Yes - Direct plug-in OEM PCM Compliant
  • 6 Phase Slot Wound
  • 10 amps
  • 8MM x 1.25 Copper
  • Yes with 3-Step Thermal Protection
  • 12 80 amp press fit diodes
  • Aluminum
  • 2 Years

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